i2i Placement

Why i2i placement?

If we brought you candidates that became employees who doubled or tripled your business in a short period of time; if these employees brought your brand and product considerable market credibility and recognition by means of their reputation and performance excellence, what would that be worth to ...

How We Work

As the name suggests, i2i placement is a different kind of executive recruitment company. Our philosophy is simple & straightforward: we act as if we were hiring the candidate. We understand that every hire is critical, so we go beyond the face and resume to conduct due diligence that o...

Our Value Proposition

At i2i placement, we know that this is an aggressive, performance-driven market. That’s why we offer the most competitive pricing for our contingency search services in the marketplace today. When we place talent, we know that the match is just right and that the candidate will be staying in their ...

  • Why i2i placement?

  • How We Work

  • Our Value Proposition

“Digital Media Talent Scouts and Guides” 

Who We Are

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i2i placement is a professional recruitment company specializing in interactive advertising, media, marketing and promotion sales personnel.

i2i placement was founded by industry veteran David Greenwald, who has hired, mentored, managed, and motivated numerous teams over the years, and established dozens of successful sales organizations.

This personal in-depth knowledge of ad agency process and effective sales organizations gives i2i placement the unrivaled ability to provide the top talent businesses need to gain an edge in this fiercely competitive marketplace.

Our unique perspective allows i2i placement to only present candidates who are leaders in their fields, in their roles, and in their current companies.

Our ability to reach a broad range of available talent enables us to match your needs with the highest caliber candidate, whether it is a senior VP of sales for an ad network, or an entire team of territory managers...find out more...