i2i Placement

“Digital Media Talent Scouts and Guides” 

Why i2i placement?

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If we brought you candidates that became employees who doubled or tripled your business in a short period of time; if these employees brought your brand and product considerable market credibility and recognition by means of their reputation and performance excellence, what would that be worth to you?

If your territories and positions remained open for months while you were seeking candidates from referrals and "finders' fees," how much would the lost time and opportunity be costing you?

If you hired a mediocre rep because you wanted to save a few dollars on a recruiting fee, and they hurt your reputation in the marketplace or didn’t enhance your position or visibility, how much would that really cost you?

What would it be worth to you to enhance your business’ effectiveness by plucking the best candidate from your competitor in a given marketplace?

How much time do you have to deal with these issues while you juggle the demands of operating a successful and profitable business?

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i2i placement.