i2i Placement

“Digital Media Talent Scouts and Guides” 

How We Work

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As the name suggests, i2i placement is a different kind of executive recruitment company. Our philosophy is simple & straightforward: we act as if we were hiring the candidate. We understand that every hire is critical, so we go beyond the face and resume to conduct due diligence that other recruiters simply can't do.

They don't have the industry contacts and working knowledge of various interactive advertising business models to validate a candidate's real world performance the way i2i placement does.

Extensive personal relationships allow us to learn the many attributes, strengths and weaknesses of a candidate from colleagues, co-workers and clients before they are even considered for your position.

After the right candidate is identified, we handle the initial screening, help negotiate the offer and make sure the candidate is fully committed to accept an offer from your organization, so they can simply jump in and hit the ground running.