i2i Placement

“Digital Media Talent Scouts and Guides” 

Our Value Proposition

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At i2i placement, we know that this is an aggressive, performance-driven market. That’s why we offer the most competitive pricing for our contingency search services in the marketplace today.

When we place talent, we know that the match is just right and that the candidate will be staying in their new position on a long term basis, so we can afford to be negotiable where others might be afraid to. In many cases, we will even offer flexible time payment or longer terms.

The bottom line is this: it costs you nothing to work with i2i placement until we deliver a proven candidate. It doesn’t get any more fool-proof or more affordable than that!

When you need sales performers and/or marketing professionals for your company or team-at any level in your organization-no other company has a better reach into the available talent pool.

Contact us today to start accelerating your sales organization's performance tomorrow.