How We Work

We’re deeply committed to presenting high-caliber, experienced candidates. Our approach is simple and straightforward: we get to know your organization really well, so we can become a trusted partner and work seamlessly with your hiring manager to fill open positions.

Every hire is critical

To ensure that we present you with the most qualified individuals for consideration, i2i placement looks beyond the candidate’s resume to conduct due diligence that other recruiters simply don’t do.

We tap into our broad network of industry relationships and apply our in-depth knowledge of digital media, marketing and industry ecosystems to fully validate prospective candidates. We put together a comprehensive picture of real-world performance, strengths and abilities in an effort to ensure candidates we present meet your requirements and are a strong fit for your organization, your culture and your chemistry.

End-to-hiring hiring process

After we help you select the best candidates, i2i placement handles the initial screening, coordinates interviews and helps to negotiate the offer, which ensures the selected candidate is truly committed to accepting your offer. Your new employee will show up ready for work and will hit the ground running.
i2i placement is committed, smart and tenacious – a great combination of traits for a company you are entrusting to help quickly build the foundation of a team.
Mark Zagorski Telaria
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