Our Value

What’s the cost to your business …

If you personally oversee the hiring process while managing the day-to-day operations of a thriving company?
If your territories and positions remain open for long periods of time while you evaluate candidates from referrals and finders' fees from your employees?
If you hire an inexperienced candidate to save on recruiting fees, and that employee hurts your reputation?

What’s it worth to your business …

If i2i placement delivers candidates who become high-performing employees and they quickly double or triple your revenue?
If i2i placement delivers candidates who elevate recognition of your brand and product through their professional reputations and performance excellence?
If i2i placement enhances your business’ effectiveness by attracting the best candidates from your competitor in a given marketplace?
i2i placement is your value-oriented recruiting solution for digital, marketing and sales staffing in today’s competitive and rapidly changing marketplace

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